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 Sex dolls and love dolls can be a great source of sexual pleasure. Just as many women have dildos or vibrators, men have a large variety of sex toys to choose from, including love and sex dolls. Some sex dolls you can buy or order on our secure website are so realistic that you may actually fall in love. Some have realistic faces and hair, natural breasts, a sensual sucking mouth or vibrating vaginas and anal entries. Most have three love passages with can squeeze your erect penis just like the real thing! Sex dolls range from economical styles to very realistic and expensive dolls. Generally, the most expensive the more realistic your sex doll will look and feel. We have categorized our love dolls into price ranges and different looks so that you can find the exact sex doll that will fulfill your every sexual desire. Sex dolls are always in the mood, never complain, are low maintenance and are eager to please you in every sexual way!

Some of the best selling sex dolls include:

Houston Pro Series Love Doll- Plunge into my super stretchy vagina and feel my luscious lips engulf  and vibrate your hot rod! Soft, succulent vibrating and sucking Jelly mouth, incredibly soft vibrating pink Senso® vagina and anus with life-like, squeezable soft voluptuous breasts. Flowing blonde hair and mannequin head. 4 AA batteries.

Jill Kelly Sex Doll- I'm a sucking, vibrating sex machine! Sensual suction sex doll. Natural feel breasts with removable Senso® vagina and a mouth that sucks and vibrates. Life size with mannequin head, blinking eyes, flowing blonde hair and inviting mouth. Lubricant included. Swedish Erotica®

College Co-Ed Sex Doll- My voluptuous breasts and cleavage vibrate with excitement! Life-size doll with soft pink jelly vagina and tight pink jelly anus, beautiful face mask, captivating blue eyes, honey blonde hair, luscious lips and deep open mouth. Swedish Erotica®

Devon's Futurotic Pleasure Sex Doll- Imagine your throbbing rod inside my hot pussy!!! Life-size doll with space age life-like vibrating and rotating Futorotic™ pussy. Large voluptuous breasts, beautiful mannequin face and sensuous blonde hair. Lubricant included. Swedish Erotica®

Smart Ass Doll- I love every sex act that you can imagine. Explore any sexual fantasy that you can think of with me!!! Life-size with Real-Life™ vibrating vagina and anus. Large breasts, beautiful, face mask, and sassy blonde hair. Swedish Erotica®

Island Babe Love Doll- Face mask, voluptuous breasts, 3 loving passages, sandy blonde hair, sexy removable colorful lei, bracelets and of course- a grass skirt. Includes vibrating action. Swedish Erotica®

Aria's Giovanni Italian Love Goddess Doll- Life-like, ultra soft incredibly realistic doll with Futurotic™ vagina, anus, nipples and customized-to-fit erotically noduled mouth. Almost seamless, life-like feeling skin, real life full mannequin head, long flowing hair and voluptuous breasts. Movable arms with soft hands and painted nails, slim waist and firm ass. Sensuously scented. Two removable bullets for maximum stimulation. 4 AA Batteries.

Lorissa Love Doll- Life-like, ultra soft incredibly realistic doll with Futurotic™ vagina, anus & mouth is made of a new 3-dimensional, almost seamless design providing added strength and a forming technique which creates a soft realistic feeling skin. Real-life full mannequin head, supple mouth, and a firm butt. Sensually scented. Removable multi-speed vibrating bullet for extreme pleasure.

The Teri Love Doll- I have so many ways to please you!  Life-size doll with large breasts. You wont believe the feel of my Real-Life vibrating vagina! Enjoy my special rear entry. You'll love my luscious lipped, deep open mouth. Feel my ripe, full tits. Swedish Erotica®

Alicia Rio: The Latin Bombshell Doll- Ohhh Papi!! Take me home tonight and try out a beautiful life-like hot Latin lover!!! Gorgeous long life-like hair, mannequin style face of Alicia Rio, large voluptuous breasts, vibrating vagina, video in English Y Español, and cherry flavored lubricant. Swedish

Felicia Fantasy Doll- Be the keeper of my treasures!! Life-size doll with Real-Life™ vibrating vagina and anus. Beautiful face and vagina molded from Felicia. Life-like long hair. To top it off, the vagina comes with a tiny lock and only you hold the key. Swedish Erotica®

Asia Carrera Doll- Slip your rod into my very real vibrating pussy and anus!. Incredibly life-like doll with a gorgeous mannequin head and soft jelly vibrating and sucking mouth, vibrating Senso® pussy and anus, full supple life-like breasts and beautiful flowing hair. A pierced labia heightens the excitement of this this enticing doll. Lubricant included. Swedish

The French Maid- French kiss me all over! My services include: 3 obedient love passages, sexy removable maid outfit, full inviting breasts with rock hard nipples, strokable auburn hair, & always ready to serve. Plus vibration. Swedish Erotica®

Marilyn Star Love Doll- New 4 Color printing process makes her look life-like!  Fabulous life-like face... Luscious, squeezable, firm breasts! Dressed in Red Hot bodice and stockings! Three love passages for your every fantasy! Vibrating excitement! Swedish Erotica®

Dominique Ebony Love Doll- In your arms anytime!!! Real-Life™ vibrating vagina, long silky black life-like hair, mannequin-style face and voluptuous breasts. Face, breasts, and vagina molded from Dominique. Swedish Erotica®

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